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Enjoy the FlavourArtExperience


Power of ideas

The influences that inspire us and drive us forward
So it began......In 2006, FlavourArt was born, the idea having been conceived by Massimiliano (Max) Mancini and Anna Facchino, husband and wife. Their original, and successful, intention was to form a small company engaged in the creation and production of food flavourings by using twenty years of experience working in multinational, premier flavour houses as a solid foundation, fully supported by a degree in Organic Chemistry and a passion for perfection which epitomises the company ethos.

Nurture and Growth

Yes, we are vapers ourselves, but that is not enough to base the design and nature of our products upon
we actively seek the input of others all around the world because there is an enormous number of variables to take into account when producing e-liquid and flavorings of the highest standard. Tastes vary from person to person, country to country, day to day, and trying to stay ahead of current trends whilst creating products that are both tasteful and as safe as possible is most demanding. Our extensive range epitomizes the commitment we have to our customers.

Dedication and Passion

Keeping Customers Happy
Our amazing team of girls are beautiful flowers and busy bees at the same time. Customer care is their responsibility and they apply themselves with both grace and energy. Tireless, patient, always ready to help, there is no order, phone call, email or chat that receives anything less than their full attention and they go the extra mile to resolve customer concerns. Extremely competent, always ready with a smile and a friendly word, they sail our Flagship, leading the way and setting the standards for customer service. Some say they are Sirens who have learned to live on land, we just know they are magic!

My liquid is your liquid

Discover how much multitasking humans hears can be
What do you call a man with over 5,000,000 kilometres under his belt, a cell phone with four spare batteries, and a contact list of 300,000 people to call? Some call him 'The Godfather', but to us and his family of customers, he is Bruno, a former Sales Agent and now our Sales Director.

Perpetual Motion

Never Running On Empty
A walk through the FlavourArt production facility is an enlightening experience, but can also be slightly unnerving as you look around and see the determined and focussed looks on the faces of the 'A' Team.

The Face of Quality

Quality can be such an abstract concept, but we want to give it a face and tell you of its character
Sebastiano, 'Oba' to his friends, overlooks his kingdom comprised of capillary columns, ionizer flames, sensors and calibration curves. Even when he is immersed in molecular weights and Kovat indices, just catch his eye and he will beam a warm smile which carries the assurance of a benign king, which is fitting as Oba was once the name of the King of Benin! You are in safe hands with Oba in control. Some say he once caught a single molecule with a pair of chopsticks, we just know him as the King of Kovats.

The Beginning

Genesis to Revelation
In the beginning Max and Anna created the company and a factory, but there came a time when some of it seemed empty and lifeless.

It was May 2010 and the future was about to be written.

One by one, a lot of expert people brought energy and luck, contributing with their commitment to the growth of our factory.

Each with their particular talents and skills, different in many ways but all with one vision,

to be able to send their creations to the far corners of the world with a simple message,

Made In Italy, With Joy.