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Faces of quality

Going Beyond Incredible Ideas

Going Beyond Incredible Ideas

FlavourArt is about Discovery, seeing what everyone else sees but thinking what no-one else thinks.
Our minds are never closed to ideas and possibilities, but they always remain focussed on developing improved products, establishing and advancing testing protocols, and integrating safety and quality.

We are pioneers and innovators with an unswerving desire to be at and beyond the cutting edge, something which is aptly demonstrated by our continued investment into research.

During the period 2013-2014, Flavourart has invested in a state of the art Research and Quality laboratory, which actually consists of cutting edge analytical equipments as Gas Chromatograph/Mass spectrophotometer, Flash Gas Chromatograph with double flame ionization detectors, HPLC, Viscosimeter, Flash point tester, pH meter, Refractometer, Densimeter, Thermal incubator for shelf life tests, all connected to high end LIMS software for proper data storing and management.

The scientific evidence and knowledge already gained from our Clearstream project carries far more credence than the tired mantra of those opposed to vaping, for whatever personal or commercial reasons; 'we don't know what's in them' is redundant and indicates an unwillingness to acknowledge the significant progress made in the field of research.

Having laid solid foundations, FlavourArt is now advancing their research to levels that have not been previously seen in the industry; it is vital to expand on the testing of the vapour produced by, and the effects of, flavoured eliquid. Merely testing a sample of liquid to produce an analysis of its ingredients is not sufficient, the vapour must be tested for cytotoxicity in order to ensure that what we inhale is the safest it can possibly be, that remains our aim always.
Flavourart has invested in a state of the art Research and Quality laboratory. All connected to high end LIMS software

ClearStream Onward

February 2015 marks the beginning of a new and important scientific venture between FlavourArt and FEM2 – Ambiente, a spinoff of the University of Milano Bicocca which has been operating since 2010 and which has been successful in the sharing of technological know-how from the academy with numerous companies by mutual collaboration.
The management of FlavourArt and Fem2 - Ambiente have signed a significant agreement aiming to bring both the scientific expertise and the most advanced equipment from the University to the emerging e-cigarette industry.

The full integration and implementation of the project will inevitably be a long term process, involving continual efforts and commitments from both parties in order to achieve the ambitious goals visualized by Massimiliano Mancini, CEO of FlavourArt. Fem2 - Ambiente will put a scientific seal on FlavourArt products and, at the end of the project, several far-reaching objectives will have been achieved; these include, among others, endorsement of the purity of e-liquids and their ingredients, the accurate assessment of both the levels and types of emissions produced by e-cigarettes, and confirmation of the absence of heavy metals and harmful compounds from the vaporization process.

The initiative will certainly be of great benefit to all e-cigarette users, who will be regularly informed of the ongoing progress via a new online portal, “ClearStream ONWARD”.  This will be a useful tool for communicating analysis results, for imparting new knowledge developed through the research, and also for offering an insight into the laboratory operations. The dedicated web portal will be easy to navigate and friendly in both language and graphical interface; not least, inquiring minds will have the opportunity for in-depth exploration into some of the technical aspects on a dedicated section of the website. 

We envisage that communication with e-cigarette users will be further enhanced in the future by means of questionnaires, completed by interested parties at regular intervals, about their habits, preferences, and their perceived impact of e-cigarettes.  This cooperation represents a key investment for FlavourArt and an inspiring and stimulating challenge for FEM2 - Ambiente, the two companies sharing a common purpose of ensuring consumer safety whilst complying with the strict forthcoming EU regulations.

ClearStream Onward Website

Emanuele Ferri Phd. Biology, ClearStream Onward Scientific Director, Milan Bicocca University

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