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My liquid is your liquid

Discover how much multitasking humans ears can be


Bruno and FlavourArt met fortuitously in 2008 and, in the traditional way, enjoyed a happy 'courtship' which led to a permanent relationship.
Bruno, an expert navigator in world markets, had the foresight and resources to be able to invest in shares of the company, itself a life-changing decision. Now he no longer has to travel endlessly to seek and service his customers, instead he uses the wealth of modern technology to communicate directly with words....millions of them; when we cannot bear to hear it any longer, we close the door of his office. Some say that he once talked a glass eye to sleep, we just love him for his relentless passion and vital contribution.

We Play as a Team

Best Products for Best Results
Blending over 30 ingredients together is in itself a technically complex process; blending over 30 people together requires even greater skills, especially when each person has their own special talents, their own needs, and their own personality. The FlavourArt team encompasses the true Esprit de Corps, a team spirit built on solid foundations of friendship, loyalty, tolerance, and a shared dedication to the cause.

Every player recognises the importance of delivering products of the highest quality and each makes a significant contribution which results in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The performance of the team is reflected in results which indicate they are world class players, but they do not rest on their Laurels as they appreciate they are only as good as their last performance. No-one is bigger than the team and no-one is the worst player, it truly is 'all for one and one for all'.
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