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The beginning

In 2006, FlavourArt was born, the brainchild of Massimiliano (Max) Mancini and Anna Facchino.

In 2007, FlavourArt established an online e-commerce presence to present its range of flavourings and aromas directly to the end user, the first flavour production company to embrace customers with such enthusiasm.

A good decision

Offering the possibility to choose from a very wide range of top-quality flavours with no minimum order quantity has proved to be the trump card. The online shop allowed Flavourart to quickly reach a worldwide audience, thanks to widespread positive feedback on the excellent quality, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service, all key factors that contributed to establishing the reputation of the FlavourArt brand.

Many projects undertaken and implemented by FlavourArt were pioneering for the sector and required significant financial investments, which were then repaid by consistent and structured growth.

One question was enough to trigger a chain of incredible events:

“Can your flavours be used for electronic cigarettes?”

That simple question, which arose from a discussion with a vaper, inspired Massimiliano Mancini to evaluate the possibility of developing specific products for this unusual application. The following ten years saw FlavourArt constantly committed to employing its talents in research, experimentation, quality, and safety of use.