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For us, sustainability means reducing consumption and waste, optimizing production processes, and working efficiently.

You do not have to just take our word for it; for years we have been investing considerable time and resources to obtain and maintain certifications that attest to our work. We are ISO9001, ISO14000 certified, we have certified our bottles for the public with the ISO8317 standard, and since mid-2020 we have been able to supply Kosher and Halal certified products.

Beyond the boundaries of chemistry and physics

“If you wish to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”. Nikola Tesla

We like to think big, it's true, but we are equally pragmatic in keeping our feet securely on the ground.

However, there is no denying the fact that our environment is permeated by subtle and ethereal energies which surround and envelop us and they can, in multiple ways, influence how we feel, behave, and go about our craft.

Terms such as energy, harmonization, biocompatibility, bioenergetics, and geopathy, were, until recently, relegated to the sphere of the “new age”.

Yet, again quoting the great Nikola Tesla: “Everything great that was done in the past was first ridiculed, condemned, fought against”.

And, we might add, eventually recognized and adopted.

Therefore, faithful to our pioneering and positively visionary vocation, FlavourArt has embarked on a scientific and pragmatic path aimed at analyzing and improving multiple aspects in the world of subtle energies, all the while with the following objectives:

  • Evaluation of geopathic and electromagnetic stress.
  • Energy reclamation.
  • Energization of ingredients and finished product.

This path has naturally led us to the analysis, highlighting, and resolution, of different critical issues, the ultimate goals being improvement of the working environment, protection of our collaborators, advancement of our products, and subsequently giving ongoing additional value to our customers.

All of this is science, not science fiction!

We believe in the rational use of energy

To this end we have installed 70Kw of photovoltaic capacity. We monitor emissions into the atmosphere, filter wastewater, and purchase recycled consumables where possible.