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With over 30 years of experience and, more than 1800 proprietary formulations, FlavourArt has become the leading specialist in essences for inhalation liquids, also called vape liquids, e-liquids, or e-smokes.

We produce a wide range of flavours; tobacco (but without tobacco derivatives), fruit, cereals, desserts, mentholated, spicy.

Hundreds of E-liquid manufacturers around the world use FlavourArt technology in their product lines and we are genuinely proud of this.

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FlavourArt has been offering its own line of E-liquids since 2012, with more than fifty different flavours and four different nicotine strengths.

Our E-liquids are packaged in our proprietary bottle with an ISO8317 certified child proof closure.


and Tobacco

The Shisha, also known as Narghilè, or Kalyan, or Hookah, is technically a water pipe in which a mixture of tobacco, tea, molasses, aromas, and other substances is placed on an underlying brazier, powered by coal, and the generated smoke is passed through a container of water, which cools and filters it.

Shisha originated in India and is nowadays immensely popular not just in Asia and the Middle East, but globally.

FlavourArt has been active in this sector since 2018 and we have created the HKS line, specifically formulated for this type of application, and which requires different formulation concentrations and balances compared to flavours for ‘electronic smoking’.

The HKS line currently consists of over one hundred aromatic references and is constantly evolving. The HKS line is available only for professional users and not available online to the final consumer.