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We are proud of the meaning of Made in Italy, and we focus on the best customer experience combining technology, creativity and artistic touch in everything we do.

We strongly believe that a product should not be the cheapest, but the best Product, at the right price. Our processes and development are designed not only to manufacture at our best but with a serious commitment to respect the environment.

This philosophy is driving us not to compromise with the selection of raw materials that are sourced only by the most reliable and certified suppliers. This is driving us to improve the quality constantly by careful and sensible improvements in technology and processes.

FlavourArt is fully committed in offering the best possible working environment. We strive to offer high standards of safety and respect for the environment, above-average salaries, welcoming atmosphere, many benefits, social events, investing in innovative equipment aimed at reducing repetitive activities whilst improving productivity at the same time.

Our staff is fully aware of the company’s objectives and are informed on the main strategies. The goal is to have motivated and dedicated employees, applying the philosophy of loyalty to the brand and the passion for the job well done, as we think that this then turns into a better quality for our customers.

We have a rewarding policy in place and our employees receive additional cash benefits based on the personal’s and company’s  performances.

Flavourart invests a large part of the company’s profits back in to  factory improvement, training, state of the art equipment and hi-end research and development.

Massive expansion is underway and the company is ready to explore business opportunities all over the world.

The company has a program of constant research and development aimed at refining and improving flavors and liquids for electronic cigarette, through the application, mixing and testing of new molecules.

Access to the most up-to-date scientific libraries and cooperation with universities completes our needs.

The goal of Flavourart is to consolidate its position in the production and marketing of liquids and flavors for electronic cigarettes by maintaining a continuous process that guarantees:

  • An adequate level of internal staff training
  • High flexibility and professionalism of internal resources
  • Marketing of own brand
  • Commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements
  • Constant research of innovative products aimed at integrating new product offering
  • Guarantee of achieving measurable objectives
  • Commitment to minimize environmental impact, prevent pollution and fulfill compliance obligations
  • Continuous improvement of quality to make it more and more consistent with the customer’s needs


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Strategic Research and Development

FlavourArt is the only company engaged since 2013 in an innovative research and development protocol aimed at scientific validation of risk reduction. To know more...(click logo with link)

Corporate social responsibility

We believe that the success of a company is not only measured by economic return - we allocate a portion of our profits towards activities that benefit the community and support its development and well being through the adoption of ethical social behavior and choices.

FAI (Italian Environment Fund): a shared commitment for a better Italy